Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP) Turns Complacent, Allege Activists

Mumbai has witnessed an unprecedented increase in vehicles over the years with numbers crossing beyond 3 million, however, space on the roads remained limited and unchanged.

The said figure is known to have increased by more than 60% this year in comparison to previous years data.

With traffic increasing at such a fast pace, related violations are rampant and also known to have increased substantially.


The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 is an Act of the Parliament of India which regulates all aspects of road transport vehicles.

The act came into force from July 1, 1989.
For exercising the legislative provisions of the Act, the Gov’t of India made the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.

It is observed that people all across have an obsession with fancy vehicle number plates.

The Rule 50, 51 of MV Act, 1989 entails Vehicle Number Plate Rules and Guidelines.

In-spite of such a law in place, people do not have any regard for the said law and continue to flout them beyond logic and reasoning.

Improper use of standardized fonts on Vehicle Number Plate poses a serious security issue.

In event of an accident, it becomes difficult to identify the registration number of a vehicle enabling the errant driver to escape from the accident spot easily.

Mumbai Traffic Police had installed Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras on certain stretches in Mumbai with optical character recognition, eliminating manual intervention by traffic police cops, however, it is facing problems as reading the fonts that are not standardized is a challenge.

In recent past, Mumbai Traffic Police had run a drive to book the errant drivers and to deter such violations, the fine was further increased to Rs. 2000.

An activist – Ashok Pai, resident of Andheri East has made all attempts in reaching out to Mumbai Traffic Police whats app complaint number – 8454999999, pertaining to violations of illegal parking on both sides of the road and prohibited Vehicle Number Plates, however, Mumbai Traffic Police responds to his plants as “NOTED” and it seems, no action is taken by the errant traffic police cops as they deliberately turn a blind eye, he said.

It is apparent that such violations continue to resurface each day without fail.

Pai also alleged that the mobile app of Mumbai Traffic Police is dysfunctional at times and sends out weird messages such as “Keep Trying”.

Another activist, Ravi Nair, also a resident of Andheri East has filed a number of complaints to Mumbai Traffic Police and various other authorities pertaining to non-adherence of traffic rules by the cops themselves, thereby risking the lives of thousands of commuters in a very high-density area of marol junction.

Nair says traffic police cops should be tried for dereliction of duty.

A nine-point detailed letter dated 07.02.2017 addressed to Sushil Thete – Sr Inspector (Traffic – Sahar Traffic Division) and Sanjay Jadhav – DCP (Traffic Suburbs), shared by Nair with Social Post News has been ignored by Mumbai Traffic Police, which was minutely discussed and thereafter examined for compliance and implementation, he alleged.

The said minutes of meeting highlighted most pertinent issues about measures to be taken for controlling traffic snarls, changing the location of a traffic signal for better visibility, the efficacy of zebra line, placement of wayfarer – pedestrian and implementation of safety measures of school children during school hours.

Nair says till date traffic police cops failed to take any measures which are of public interest.


People from all across expect traffic police to sincerely adhere to all such necessary measures which are of larger public interest.

Traffic police must work collectively in unison with NGO’s and help in creating awareness to address such issues in a more effective manner.

Citizens participation is a significant way to address all such problems especially with like-minded, dedicated people who are willing to spare some time for the welfare of society at large.

Researchers and experts are of an opinion that, public transport system should be strengthened with public support, focusing on proper parking policy and imposing congestion tax however such suggestions still remains on the agenda which are yet to be implemented by concerned authorities.

While, our correspondent at Social Post News discussed all such issues with Sanjay Jadhav – DCP (Traffic Suburbs), we were informed that Mumbai Traffic Police had rightly taken cognizance of such issues appropriately and also partly resolved such issues as other related issues come in the ambit of MCGM and MMRDA.

DCP (Traffic Suburbs) informed that MCGM officials were also present in the meeting held on 07.02.2017 and affirmed that, if any citizen have any traffic complaints, Mumbai Traffic Police is most receptive to resolve such issues including the safety of school children which remains and will always remain utmost important for Mumbai Traffic Police.


“Authorities, instead of indulging in blame game should be sincere enough in resolving all the pertinent issues of each and every Citizen, irrespective of their workload and related constraints as following the Citizens Charter towards its Citizens in respect of Standard of Services, Information, Choice and Consultation, Non – Discrimination and Accessibility, Grievance Redress, Courtesy and Value for Money can never be allowed to be disregarded.

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