2G Spectrum Scam Verdict: Were Indian Lawmakers Not Serious On Fighting Against Corruption?

The verdict of the 2G spectrum scam stumped the whole nation today. A scam of Rs 176,000 crore – disclosed by none other than Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) appeared to be non-existing today. One can definitely remember the days of UPA regime when Parliament literally turned into complete pandemonium.

Many people cannot even believe that all the accused in the case have been acquitted for want of evidence giving a political lifeline to A Raja and Kanimozhi. Whether this verdict will change the political landscape in Tamil Nadu or not is a difficult question. But certainly, common people feel that they have fooled in the era of technicalities right from trial courts to high courts to Supreme Court.

Interestingly, Subramaniam Swamy has remarked,”This is not a setback at all, it’s an aberration as the law officers were not serious on fighting against corruption. So I hope the PM takes a lesson from this. We must now fight corruption on the war footing.” Senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan termed the 2G judgement wrong. He said,”In my view, this was not a case of acquittal. There was considerable evidence of irregularities in allocating 2G spectrum to companies which were not eligible.”

The first and foremost truth which comes directly from the verdict is, the acquittal of the accused doesn’t imply that UPA regimes were transparent and there was no corruption at all. Side by side, AIADMK facing all sorts of internal turmoil even after EPS-OPS merger and DMK getting a breather with the 2G spectrum verdict, Tamil Nadu politics is certainly going to be interesting in the days to come.

In this scenario, the role of Stalin as the young leader of DMK is going to be pivotal. But the grey areas in the 2G spectrum allocation will certainly be going to haunt Congress and DMK. Added to that, the role of central government is also going to be significant. In Jayalalithaa’s absence in AIADMK, BJP is still looking to explore best possible equation for strategies in the state.

Nevertheless, time and again, the vagueness working in the Indian judicial system is indeed embarrassing for world’s biggest democracy. One can only hope that CBI will further appeal against the verdict and will approach on the right track to nab the corrupt culprits.

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Ranabir Bhattacharyya is a Bengal based writer who concentrates on politics, international relations, economic and social matters