Gujarat Verdict: Rahul Gandhi Is Not Yet Ready To Fight Against Narendra Modi

There was huge anticipation over the results of Assembly Elections in Gujarat today. In the early phase of counting, at a certain juncture of time, Congress was going head to head with BJP. Many Congress supporters were upbeat on a huge upset. But ultimately, things didn’t happen like that and BJP edged towards a confident win.

Incidentally, only a few days back, veteran Congress politician Sonia Gandhi has handed over the party baton to her loving son Rahul Gandhi. She was extremely upbeat Congress’s chances in Gujarat. In reality, even the Congress-Patidar equation and soft Hindutva didn’t give a lifeline to Congress in the state. Although the margin has been less, yet the supporters are demoralized with yet another defeat. And time and again, Rahul Gandhi, in spite of all comforting words such as ‘moral victory’, ‘EVM tampered’ – has failed to provide the spark to the century-old party.

Probably Rahul Gandhi had the best chance leapfrog Narendra Modi with current issues such as GST, unemployment, demonetization, Dalit and Patidar quota and the so-called ‘Gujarat model’. It goes without any saying that PM Narendra Modi won’t afford any such loophole for Lok Sabha Elections in 2019. Being the Congress President now, even the Lutyens Delhi Congress-committed people are not in a position anymore to rescue Rahul Gandhi with fictional excuses.

One can easily point out the fact that Rahul Gandhi has failed to convert the anti-BJP momentum in the state to Congress votes. Side by side, the soft Hindutva stance nay is not a good plot for then if they are to keep their Muslim database intact. Has Rahul Gandhi betrayed the hopes of the Patidars, farmers, traders or the employed youth in Gujarat? Nevertheless, Rahul Gandhi is miles behind Narendra Modi and he needs to improve a lot if he at all wants to compete closely in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

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Ranabir Bhattacharyya is a Bengal based writer who concentrates on politics, international relations, economic and social matters