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Choosing a new coach for Manchester United

After the end of the season, Manchester United will most likely have a new head coach. He must replace the temporary mentor, Ralph Rangnick. However, there is no certainty yet who exactly will lead the long-suffering team. Many names are called. The Manchester United bosses seem to have even been in contact with some specialists. The consulting company Carteret Analytics, which evaluates the effectiveness of managers, gave its assessment to those candidates whose names are called by the press, fans, insiders of various levels, and so on. Let’s see what they got. Try bet in-play function on 22Bet website.

Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea)

Tuchel’s future at Chelsea has become murky after the London club was thrown into limbo by sanctions against Roman Abramovich. If Tuchel leaves Stamford Bridge, he will be a welcome manager for many, including Manchester United. Carteret Analytics believes that with him, United could be second next season with the current squad, and in fact they can bring someone along:

He prepares the team well for each next match, demonstrating strategic intelligence. But he has an average tactical leadership, which is why in the course of the game he does not always manage to improve the situation to the winning one.

Antonio Conte (Tottenham)

Conte has won five league titles since 2012: three with Juventus, one with Chelsea and one with Inter. He is associated with success, but also with a difficult character, with difficult relationships. This increases the risk. “Tottenham” Conte took this season in November and raised from eighth place to the current fourth. Another thing is that it will be difficult for Manchester United to wrest someone from the hands of the Spurs bosses. With him, analysts predict Manchester United second place with the current squad next season. Here’s what Carteret Analytics says:

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Conte is interesting in that he achieves results in the first place. Although his individual performance is not the most exceptional among all the candidates. Some of his features may be attractive to Manchester United, but some are negative.

Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid)

The most experienced candidate is 62-year-old Ancelotti, who has won the Champions League three times and has worked at many clubs, becoming champions in Italy, England, France, Germany, and this season will almost certainly take the title in Spain. True, his recent experience at Everton raises questions. This, according to analysts who believe that he is capable of leading Manchester United to third place, could negatively affect the perception of the coach by fans:

Many Manchester United fans may be disappointed if Ancelotti is named manager. But the objectivity based on quantitative analysis is that he knows perfectly well how to win matches and titles.