RTI Activist Captain Ikram Kaleem Hacked Severely In Hyderabad

The city woke up with the horror of an activist being hacked with grave injuries.

The Humayun Nagar based RTI activist captain Ikram Kaleem has been fighting against the Land mafia in Hyderabad since many years. Receiving threatening calls and attacks has become commonality for him for a long time. Ikram has been involved in several cases where he filed the corruption charges through gathering the true information through RTI Act.

Now that he has been seen as a threat a certain group of Land mafia has decided to eliminate him completely. Captain Imran Kaleem who is now returning from an exhibition to his home near the Masab tank at Humayun Nagar has been attacked at his apartment. He was severely hit with Talvars, knives, and axes. His face skin was gruesomely cut into two. Luckily, the people of the apartment have joined the bleeding Ikram Kaleem into the care hospital. He is now being treated in ICU in a critical condition.

“I am very sorry to know about the attack on captain Ikram Kaleem yesterday night. Who has been fighting against land mafia for a long time? It’s my sincere plea to the government of Telangana, to please come forward and take necessary steps. When an Activist himself is attacked to this extent, what is the situation of the common in protecting his own land here? ” said S.chandra Sekhar from India Against Corruption foundation.

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