Bank Chor Movie Review – An ‘Unusual’ Comedy!

Bank Chor Movie Review: English classic Unusual Suspects has earned a cult following among the fans for the kind of twist ending it delivered over the years. After the movie release, many filmmakers tried to follow the flawless template and even tried to ape the same movie ‘n’ number of times. Kevin Spacey has become the most renowned actor ever since and another attempt at repeating the success of the movie with a comical twist is ‘Bank Chor’.

The Y-films, of Yash Raj Films, try to deliver a new subject with less known actors and young directors and this time with a title that sounds like an abuse, they have come up with a half-funny movie that tries to thrill you, scare you and look to deliver a punch in the climax. Even though there is nothing new to talk about screenplay does have some good moments that make you sit through the proceedings without losing interest.

At times, the movies try to follow many Korean and English dramas that have had such screenplay before, but the uniqueness comes with the way Riteish Deshmukh carries the Champak character. He doesn’t underplay or overdo the comic scenes for the effect. Being a veteran in understanding the tone of a film, he easily shifts from being an astrology-believing naive person to a clever thief in the matter of few frames. Giving him company in a uni-dimensional character, Vivek Anand Oberoi to fills the screen with an engaging performance.

The characters here are loud yet subtle and the hints at them not being what they seem to be are laced throughout. The audience always trying to guess the last twist and with Rhea Chakraborty, the director tries to throw a curveball all the time. But the kind of jokes that the writer and director wrote are so abysmal that you’re just waiting for the end to some soon so that you can enjoy the twist and walk out.

But Sahil Vaid comes into the story and he impresses with his performance. There is a political angle in this story, that tries to give an ode to Common Man created by R.K. Lakshman, but by the time, we enter that stage we loose interest in the movie and decide to leave without waiting for the playoffs. The major flaw for that lies in the script that tries to emulate many films than be original. Rhea is used as a sexual distraction and you don’t understand why would a CBI officer try to look more like a rowdy than the sophisticated investigator who tries to work with his brain more than a gun.

How do any Minister come up with a plan to call thieves as Terrorists and deploy ATS, to control them is completely out of our imagination! Well, one can say this is just a film and you should not see it so seriously, not true. Even films need to have some logic in the end for people to get what is the purpose of making a movie and spending crores on that. In any case, this film is a classic case where a director like Bumpy saw ten Hollywood DVDs and wrote one screenplay.

Whatever might be his inspirations, he did come up with some engaging punches but ending it has everything is highly planned by the team and few intricate details should have been worked out more for the final twist to seem organic rather than forced. Adil Afsar’s camera is too good in this limited budget film and we don’t complain about the image quality throughout the movie.

Social Relevance:

The film takes the points like Politicians trying to do ‘favours’ for the business class at the expense of working class and even deploying unsocial elements for their various purposes. Even though it is all fake, there are some elemental truth to the story told by the director and if youth can concentrate on these issues, we can build a society where the reality is everyone is treated as the ‘working’ class and equals!

Last line: The idea seems to be right, but the script had too many flaws!

Rating: 2/5

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