Cars 3 Movie Review – Another Cash Cow!

Cars 3 movie review: There are many words that will describe the desire of the Hollywood producers to milk whatever can earn them money but none can come close to “cash cow”. All you have to do is make one good film and follow it up with several others instalments that promise to deliver the fun once again and take you through a good ride. Well, you end up going to watch these sequels that brand their movie great with a wonderful marketing campaign.

However, it is the content that finally helps the brand to grow and not just a video, made by some passionate bunch of people who could animate and create an object, in this case, different cars. It is important to know what they speak and how the story is going to proceed forward as well. If you just try to emulate an idea that clicked some time back another time and hopes theatres will be filled with children during the summer time, then we have to show many failures that led to a crash in the number of animation films releasing these days.

Disney found a rhythm in producing the movies and with Pixar at the helm, one thinks we are going to witness a well-made film, but all we see is a lousy cash cow running around decorated in a great outfit luring us to its side. All the work done by the animators seem to go for a waste with such boring jokes and they don’t even land the racing circuit scenes like the first one.

Here the nostalgia is strong, it tries to correct all the wrongs in the second one and ask us to remember the first one and the relation between the Doc Hudson and Lightning trying to stimulate another relation just like the original between Lighting and Cruz, a young trainer we’re said. Well, the relationship doesn’t grow on us like the Doc and Lightning but we are expected feel the triumph in the end.

The animation is great and even the photo-realistic effects make the background look absolutely real for a second. But the premise doesn’t really inspire you and there is no underdog story at least to say they tried to go the usual route and de-railed. They started off track and during the last 30 minutes found the track but lost it again to cliches and the over the top tone doesn’t suit at all to these type of stories. Even children are growing old to such stuff and animation needs great stories like Big 6 and Inside Out but nor these sequels that fail to inspire anyone.

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Know your limits and try to grow beyond them. This is the point of this drama and you are not inspired for even a second as it doesn’t offer the unadulterated fun that the first one offered!

Last line: A car that doesn’t drive on its track!

Rating: 2/5

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