Rajamouli Reveals Shocking Truth About Prabhas’ Split Personality

Young Rebel Star Prabhas is undoubtedly a top star in Tollywood film industry.

Prabhas is the most hard working actor and the same can be proved by the commitment he had for the project Baahubali. Prabhas has spent five years of his life for the project and did all the required hard work. But there is another side for Prabhas which Rajamouli recently explained in an interview. During the promotions of the film, Rajamouli said that there is a split personality in Prabhas. Rajamouli said that Prabhas is very hard working when it comes to shooting but once there is no shoot, he becomes the laziest person on the earth.

Providing some weight to his statements, Rajamouli also explained a situation where he was shocked by Prabhas laziness. “All of us have been to Mumbai for the trailer launch event of the second part. Soon after the completion of the event, all of us headed to the airport to return home. I found Prabhas missing from the team when I entered into the airport. I immediately called him up to hear that he is taking rest at the Lounge. I and my team have been to Mumbai several times but we never knew that there is this lounge in the airport. I was tensed that we may miss the flight and asked Prabhas to come. Prabhas said to the producers, ‘If you want to strain yourself, go with Rajamouli and if you want to go peacefully, come with me.’ I am shocked to hear it and then a lady staff came up to Prabhas and said that the rush near Security check has been cleared. Even then Prabhas did not start but asked her the number of persons moving in the line. She said 15. Prabhas smiled and said let us go when there are only five members in the line. That’s the extent of laziness he shows every time when there is no film shoot.” Rajamouli said.

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