Remembering ‘Mahanati’ Savitri

By Rajgopal

Even a great and versatile actress like Savitri venerated by thousands of people, devoted by lakhs of South Indian audience, who can flatter everyone with her innocent looks, can stimulate interest in everyone’s heart to become an artist With her energetic, outstanding acting didn’t escape from the cycle of karma. Who are we?, Just normal group of people trying to transform our lives taking renowned celebrities as inspiration.

Mahanati Savitri

Difficulties, troubles, betrayals heartbreaks continued to haunt her throughout off-screen life. Even during the indigence her magnanimous and kind nature encouraged her to help the ones, who assisted her for financial need. Any donation either in the form of jewellery or property, she offered it to her well-wishers. but none of them neither tried to pull her to the shore nor succeeded in rescuing her from the grimpen mire of problems.

A black mark in everyone’s life leads to devastation and downfall. It is apt when it comes to Savitri’s life. After turning out to be a dipsomaniac, her standard of living further reduced and it slowly made her incapable of many things. Not only Savitri, veteran actors like chittor nagaiah, relangi, s.v rangarao, rajababu faced the same obstacles throughout their life but each was attacked by different versions of misfortune and suffering.

Mahanati Savitri

Apart from all her achievements and failures her ideology towards life made her an immortal in Cini lovers heart. Hope the “Mahanati” continues to live in the heartbeat of spectators while watching the movie.

When you lead a life like everyone, what special identity would you get? When you consider everyone’s life as yours. name and identity of yours remain in the history of everyone’s life.

Mahanati Savitri

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