One day in Baahubali Rajamouli’s House

Recently a workforce placement company in Mumbai has declared that a heroine who rides in a car worth three crores doesn’t even feed her house maid or servant for 3 times.

Hero and heroines speak a lot on the screen but how cheap they are off the screen is a very well known fact among the people of film nagar. Can you believe that a man who worked as a personal make-up man to a superstar for 20 years doesn’t even own a car? The situation is so worse in film industry. However, there are some exceptions to every rule and there are few families which are symbols of ethics, simplicity, generosity and kindness. Keeravani and Raja Mouli family is one among them. “It was in the year 2010. I was doing a program called “Come on India” for HMTV. SS Raja Mouli was the presenter of the show.

In one episode, he has to interview Jayaprakash Narayan, the founder of LokSatta Party. Raja Mouli suggested that we will do this interview in the house of Keeravani, who was a notable music director by then. Ten of us went to Keeravani’s house for the shoot. We had some breakfast on the way as the shoot may get late. We reached Keeravani’s house and were making arrangements for the shoot, when Keervani’s wife Valli called us and invited us to have breakfast. We said that we already had our breakfast madam. But, she said that we can have once again and pulled us to the breakfast table. Already, Keeravani was having his breakfast. We sat a little away from him, out of respect and fear.

Meanwhile, our driver came inside and was searching for a place to sit and have breakfast. Keeravani called him and asked the driver to sit beside him. The Driver was shocked. While he was surprised with the thought that a driver is having breakfast in the house of a big music director sitting beside him, we finished with a feeling of happiness and gratitude. We kept our plates in the sink and when our driver got up to keep his plate in the sink, Keeravani’s son Bhairava took the plate from him and kept it in the sink. We were surprised once again. The son of a top music director is taking the plate of a driver. This incident remained in my memory forever. When it comes to Raja Mouli, he too takes a lot of care about his car driver. His driver’s name is Madhu. He is working with Raja mouli from almost 10 years.

He says that Raja mouli has purchased a house and a car for him. Who will have such a humane qualities to look after a driver so well? BEFORE THIS INCIDENT… In order to explain the concept of “Come on India” to Rajamouli and to ask him to host the show, my friend Loksatta leader Katari Srinivasa Rao and I went to the house of Director Raja mouli. While we were discussing about the TV show with Raja Mouli, a boy came out of a room with a broom and dust pan in his hands. We thought that it might be a servant. Then, to our surprise, Raja mouli called him and introduced him as his son Karthikeya. Not only cleaning his own room, Karthikeya worked in an ice cream parlour as a part time employee while he was studying degree in college. We asked him to work like that so that he can learn the value of money and hard work, Raja mouli said. They were born in a rich family, but their ancestor’s property melted before their eyes and they had to wait in front of a Kirana shop for hundred rupees at one time.

Climbing each step at a time with hard work and dedication, the two amazing brothers and their wives have today taken their position and the position of Telugu film industry to the international level. Hats off to Rajamouli and Keeravani couple. I always keep telling to my close friend Suresh Raju that Raja Mouli is a great as a director but he is a greater person as an individual. Such a wonderful family should keep getting many more hit films like Bahubali and reach many more peaks of success. These are the experiences that I had during the Twenty days I worked with Raja Mouli. Other than this, speaking with Raja Mouli about Society, Human values, Cinemas for many hours and getting a very affectionate friend Suresh Raju through Raja mouli are the additional gifts that I got working for “Come on India” program.” (As Narrated by Naresh Shiramani)

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