Alert Sentry Saves Lives At Kera Nagar Attack

Two heavily armed terrorist have entered a CRPF camp in Kara Nagar of Sri Nagar in the early hours of Monday. One soldier was killed in this attack and the encounter is going on.

A sentry on duty has found two people entering into the CRPF camp with AK-47 rifles. They escaped from there as the sentry started firing on them According to the security forces, the location of the hideout of two militants is found and is surrounded. Fire exchanges are said to be going on between the soldiers and the militants.

Alert Sentry Saves Lives At Kera Nagar Attack Socialpost

After searching the area, the security forces have found the hideout of the militants. This attack comes two days after five soldiers and one civilian were killed in an attack at Sunjuwan Army Base Station. A group of militants with similar heavy arms attacked the army base on Saturday. They entered the quarters of Junior commissioned officers while the officers were sleeping.

The militants fired on the officers and civilians indiscriminately. The Indian army retaliated and the fire exchange went on for 30 hours. The attack today is a continuation of the incident before two days and is still going on.

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