China Irritated By The Indian ‘Baahubali’ Bridge

Dhola-Sadiya Bridge: China has been very aggressive on the Indo-Chinese borders in many instances and created pressure on India.

Now, it’s the time of thanksgiving and Prime Minister Modi has given the same kind of tension and built up pressure on China by inaugurating the largest bridge of India between the north-east states of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. China’s response on this issue clearly shows that it has been irritated by the ‘Bahubali’ bridge built by India.

The 9.2 kilometres long Dhola-Sadiya bridge not only reduced the distance between the two states and reduced the travel time by five hours, but most importantly India can now send army and ammunition on the Indo-Chinese borders of Arunachal Pradesh effectively and in a short notice. This is the reason China has been irritated by the inauguration of this bridge.

China has built many highways in the conflict zone and created pressure on India. But, this time it is giving suggestions to India stating that India has to be cautious until the border issues are resolved. China said that it is clear on the territorial integrity and said that it expects India also to maintain the equilibrium. These statements from China clearly show that the ‘Bahubali’ bridge in Dhola-Sadiya has irked the Chinese Government.

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