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Indian Farmers: Dear Telugu Organizations (outside India), primarily in the US, how many more suicides does it take for our conscience to respond? So first, let’s acknowledge that this is a crisis that needs our attention and intervention and let’s believe we can help contribute because we should.

This is about farmer suicides, but this is also about how we can help solve the problem to certain extent. So please give it a quick read.

About 70% of the farmer suicides are by #TenantFarmers. The primary reason for this is that the tenant farmers are not recognised as farmers. As they are not land owners and as such are denied the benefits such as crop insurance, crop loans, subsidies etc.

One solution to the problem of tenancy was the issuance of Loan Eligibility Cards (LEC) to the tenant farmers which the banks could then use for identification. The erstwhile state of AP has passed Andhra Pradesh Land Licensed Cultivators Act in December 2011 to provide Loan and Other Eligibility Card (LEC) to the tenant farmers.

So, why despite the law and despite the desperation, the issue of tenant farmers still remains largely unaddressed

1) Many tenant farmers are unaware of policies due to lack of publicity by govt. officials

2) Revenue officials insist on written assent of the owner which is not really required

3) Pressure from land owner not to apply for LEC

4) Tenant farmers are not interested in LEC because LEC holders are also denied loans, subsidies etc.

Now then, how can you and I help? 

You can act as a pressure group and force the authorities to take up the issue of LEC and see that by mid-2018,

1) all tenant farmers would get the LEC cards

2) the banks and other public institutions to recognise the LEC cards as the sole authority

This request will be sent out to all the organisations, probably in person as well and it’s important since these organisations have access to all the politicians. Ministers and the Chief Ministers of both the States have to take up this one issue and make it a rallying point, after all, they are concerned about the welfare of the two Telugu states and are doing so much for them.


i4farmers (

There are also various other activities individuals can take up, details will follow soon. But in the meanwhile, if any of you are part of the organisation or know someone in the organisation, please help take this up with immediate priority.

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