Misuse of WhatsApp in India

Social media Role In  Karnataka election

After the Karnataka election now it has become very clear that social media like WhatsApp and Facebook are playing dominating role in peoples’ lives.
Nowadays candidates contesting the election depend more and more on the social media. Every Indian are getting more dependent on the Facebook-owned messaging app. Every day millions of people make calls, chat and share information on the WhatsApp which India has about 250 million users.

Key Role Of Whats app In Karnataka Elections

Most of the time political parties and vested interest group are found spreading messages and video clips on the WhatsApp to fulfil their interest and purposes.
In most of the cases, it has been found that WhatsApp contains messages that are prejudiced and inaccurate in a group.

It has also found that racist groups employ WhatsApp video narrating an attack on their woman by a mob to incite the people. Even audio messages are also sent by unknown sender urged to protect them. In one of the WhatsApp message, Hindus were exhorted to vote for the B.J.P. terming the election as a war of faiths.

It has been reported in different parts of the world that WhatsApp is used by 1.5 billion people globally. It is known for its encrypted messages that even company executives can’t read and it posed a great challenge to democracy.

Misuse of WhatsApp

If Facebook and Instagram message are visible in public on online WhatsApp’s messages are more personal and hidden as it goes to person-to-person and group to group of a community and interest group. WhatsApp’s has become the most important tool in digital campaigning. Even Instagram and twitters are also playing dominating role in the election of India.

WhatsApp has several features due to which it can be used for spreading misinformation and misuse. Even the users can remain anonymous and can be known only by a phone number. Each group are capped at 256 members and are easy to set up by adding the phone numbers of contacts.

A person is often found to be in different groups and get all the message from other group and he/she also found forward that message to other groups.

There is no ways to know where the message has been originated. This makes it more vulnerable to misuse. WhatsApp works like a nuclear chain reaction said one of the prominent Congress spokespersons. But sadly, here nobody bothers about to curb the menaces of this social media.

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