Pakistan President Signs Ordinance Declaring Hafiz Saeed A Terrorist

The Hafiz Saeed saga seems far from being over in Pakistan. Rather, the whole issue of Hafiz Saeed has become a tussle for Pakistan, which has been dependent on the terrorist itself for sponsoring terrorist activities in neighboring countries including India. Incidentally, he was the mastermind behind 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

Interestingly, Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain has signed an ordinance amending a section of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), which will enable the Pakistan authorities to take action against the UNSC prescribed individuals like Hafiz Saeed and terrorist outfits like the LeT, Al-Qaeda, and Taliban.

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Theoretically, at least ministries of interior, finance, and foreign affairs are working closely along with National Counter Terrorism Authority’s (NACTA). No doubt, all eyes are on Hafiz Saeed who has been the poster boy of LeT and spearheading terrorist activities from Pakistan.

Incidentally, LeT was labeled as a banned organization under the UNSC resolution 1267 in 2005. Hafiz Saeed a few months back opined for participating in Pakistan National Elections but the Pakistan government is yet to give permission on that considering the backlash it received after releasing Hafiz Saeed from jail.

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In the beginning of this year, US President Donald Trump also sternly reminded Pakistan of its duties. It remains to be seen whether the ordinance signed by the Pakistan President will have a real-time impact or not as far as putting Hafiz Saeed behind the bars is concerned.

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