Want To Get Cheated ? Buy A Flat From Ekta World


“I booked a flat in brooklyn park, virar from ekta world under the “life ka chance” offer in July 2016. In this life ka chance offer, ekta world through advertisements and initial sales process assured home buyers that they will be covered by a third-party insurance company in case of delay of delivery (Fit-out) with a 9% p. a. interest by the insurance company.

From the date of booking i.e. July 2016, Ekta World kept on sending demand letters every 2 months without any progress in construction. Eventually my bank denied the payment as there was no progress in construction work of my wing. I have already paid 82% of the flat cost.

My wings fit-out date was august 2017.

However there was no work done in my wing from July 2016 to august 2017. When i called ekta world in august 2017 for getting the interest for delay in construction work as promised in their advertisement and initial sales process, i was told that there is a 6 months grace period and they will start construction work of my wing from October 2017 and by February 2018 if the wing is ready upto fit out then i will be eligible to get interest for delay in construction.

However there was no progress in construction work till February 2018. When I called ekta world again in February 2017 for getting the interest for delay in construction work as promised in their advertisement and initial sales process, i was told that ekta world has paid the premium but the insurance company which covered this interest for delay is closed. Further i was called to their Bandra office for a discussion with their director on 23 February 2018, who told me ekta world does not pay any interest. In the end of the discussion they told me to allow them some more time to revert to me on this issue.

I sent them email of this discussion and kept on chasing them via email and phone calls. Eventually after 40 days from my discussion i received an email reply from ekta world as “we deeply regret for the inconvenience caused to you. This is to inform you that we have already started and completed the brick work up to the 8th slab for your said wing. We shall endeavour to complete the building construction much before the mentioned date on the rera website of 31 July 2020 and are working towards it.

I am asking them to pay the interest for delay in construction work (Fit out) as promised by them in the advertisement and sales process and instead of paying me the interest they are saying they will give possession of the flat on time.”

Ekta Lucky Home Life Ka Chance Offer
Screenshot: https://businesswireindia.com/news/news-details/ekta-world-brings-ekta-lucky-home-life-ka-chance-offer/48994

It’s time , Honb’le Bombay High Court or Supreme Court to take Suo Moto Action against the promoters of Ekta World – Mumbai based Builder.

Interestingly , this Builder has launched another Tower by the name of Regent Park in Virar West , Thane , Maharashtra to yet again trap and cheat more such Prospective Homebuyers.

Furthermore , coincidentally another customer had bought a flat from this Builder in the same project ; Brooklyn Park way back in the year 2011.

When this Builder faulted multiple times on giving possession of his flat , the customer in making an attempt to expose the modus operandi of the said Builder was implicated in a 100, 00,00,000/- Crore Defamation Case.

However , the customer apprised all the facts in a chronological order through a Petition of more than 170 Page and dragged the Builder to Supreme Court to transfer the said Defamation Case and eventually was given relief by SC on February 02 , 2018. SC had sought reply from the Builder and hence declined all such justification given through written rebuttal filed by the Builder. Finally , SC on the basis of Grounds mentioned in the Petition , transferred the said case to Gurgaon in Haryana.


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