WhatsApp Update On Android : Restore Your Photos, Videos Which You Have Deleted Accidentally

In all these years, WhatsApp had become the chosen messaging platform in a smartphone. WhatsApp has virtually replaced the need to SMS and has customized itself to suit the personalized uses of its users all over the world. Every day, there are millions of messages including photos, videos are sent and received via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Android Now Lets Users Download Deleted Media:

Often it happens that users end up deleting using important photos and videos. This time around, WhatsApp has come up with a solution to such, which will enable to restore deleted photos and videos.

New whatsapp update

With the latest innovation as claimed by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp users in Android can restore those accidentally deleted photos and videos. Once a photo or video is downloaded and deleted, the particular media format becomes non-downloadable.

WhatsApp Latest Updates:

With the new update, users can now download the particular photo or video. WhatsApp from now on will allow downloading the item from its server again. For the time being, this feature will be available only for Android beta users. Thus users should be careful in deleting the message from any particular chat.

new whatsapp update

WhatsApp now allows you to re-download accidentally deleted photos and videos:

Previously, this feature was available for a month only. WhatsApp now doesn’t delete the photo or video from its own server even if a user deletes from a smartphone. For the time being, the whole aspect has been tried and tested for a time period of three months. It remains to be seen whether WhatsApp introduces this for all platforms as well.

Updating WhatsApp

You can easily update WhatsApp from your phone’s applications store.

Note: If you received a message, but your version of WhatsApp doesn’t support it, please update WhatsApp.

1. For Android, search for WhatsApp in the Play Store app and tap Update.

2. For iPhone, search for WhatsApp in the App Store app and tap Update.

3. For Windows Phone, search for WhatsApp in the Microsoft Store app and tap update.

We encourage you to always use the latest available version of WhatsApp. Latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes.

But for the time being this updates is only available for Android Handsets.

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