2019 – Fight Between Siva Bhaktas – Who Shall Be The Rama?

The Siva bhaktas in Indian politics must know the mythological fact of how Rama won the war over Ravana, the mighty king of Lanka; incidentally, Ravana was also a Siva Bhakta.

Rama was asked to go into exile into the forest for long 14 years by king Dasaratha at the behest of his wife Kaikeyi. When Sita was abducted by Ravana, Rama waged war against Ravana with the army of monkeys. The force of Rama was extremely weak when compared to the mighty force of Ravana. But still, Rama won the war purely due to certain ethics and dharma that he followed during war. The story of Rama and Ravana is equally relevant to both Modiji and other political parties that are likely to seek refuge under Congress in the forthcoming election. Certainly, the Congress is headed by a Siva Bhakta.

Ravana represents the symbol of greed, injustice, arrogance over power and authority, exhibit muscle flexing etc. The allegations of corruption against UPA2 can be easily compared with the greed and misuse of power by Ravana.

Perhaps in 2014 Modiji would have come as Rama to rescue India which was abducted by corrupt forces. Modiji won with thumbing majority but after which has he chosen to travel the paths of Ravana by throwing his power and authority to change the system the way he wants in the name of reforms and bulldoze the independence of every institution.

Like how Rama had asked Sita to prove her chastity by asking her to enter into fire by yielding to the comments of some fellow men, Modiji has also at least at perception level, affected the credibility of his development agenda by entertaining the demands of some religious outfits, cow vigilantes and promoters of cow urine for Nobel Prize.

The biggest Modi made tragedy in the offing is the likely role of Hindu religious Pandits, Yogis, Spiritual leaders, Veda scholars etc., as teaching faculty in our engineering colleges and IIMs etc., and also affirming their role to decide and frame our national health policy.

According to Modiji, the traditional medical wisdom of India is far superior to the modern medical science which is being developed by several Nobel laureates.

Who knows, the Swedish Academy of Science may soon award Nobel Prize to India for cow urine magic. So far Nobel Prizes are given to the inventor (s) and not to any country. Who knows, Modiji may get Nobel Prize for India for its great invention – cow urine as ‘sarva roga nivarani’ (cure for all diseases).

Due to many such senseless actions and initiatives, Modiji is slipping his glory and glitter and soon he may be seen by the youths as ‘Ravana (very powerful & invincible and but must be defeated) in Indian politics’

Unfortunately, the opposition parties instead of taking up the right issues, swarm around some engineered, prima facie fictitious allegations like the death of Justice Loya, Rafale deal etc., to corner Modiji.

People are not going buy all such narratives of the opposition against Modiji.

Instead, the opposition parties should focus on how far Modiji has fulfilled his promises to people that he made during 2014. People are terribly disappointed with Modiji as he failed to show New India and ache din to people who have been waiting for the see and to have the first feel of it.

It would be too much for the opposition parties to imagine that they can engineer some fiction of scam and corruption and can corner Modiji. Definitely, their present effort is going to backfire and such an attempt will be seen by the people of this country only as hopeless desperateness of Congress. Congress virtually lack newness, attractive storyboard and credible leader.

Therefore any fictitious attempt to attack Modiji would raise doubts in the minds of people that the opposition is simply disgruntled, hopeless & desperate and how such group can lead the country?

The opposition must engage in dharma yudha and not a mockery of democracy for power.

Modiji has done enough to disappoint and betray the trust of his voters by giving promises in abundance and not fulfilling any. In that sense, Modiji has done enough to damage his trust and the opposition parties instead of manufacturing lies and fiction, must expose the great reform initiatives of Modiji by citing the best example of bridge course.

When Rama can conquer Ravana with an army of monkeys and that too by crossing sea, Modiji is certainly not invincible. Amongst the Siva bhaktas, who is going to be the Rama in 2019, time alone will prove.

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