Indians Are Moving Away From Modiji

It was Modiji and Modiji who won the election for BJP in 2014. Most of the state elections held subsequently were also won in the name of Modiji than on the real performance of BJP or the local leaders. But it looks like the day is not too far away that the same Modiji can be the single reason for the downfall of BJP.

People of India, especially those living in rural India have started to sing the lines of Ulysses of Alfred Tennyson

“the deep moans round with many voices.
Come, my friends,
tis not too late to seek a newer world”

Rural distress, spiraling price rise, job loss, lack of employment opportunities, agrarian crisis, fragmented and dismantled unorganized business class due to GST versus the paradise people were dreaming to have due to the promises of Modiji way back in 2014 is growing to an extent of ending up in deep depression among people of India.

The slogan of scam free government cannot address the real and genuine problems of people. As a crown to the ever-growing agony and sorrow of people in rural India, the bridge course proposal to convert the AYUSH vaidyas to MBBS doctor has come. All those people who stood with Modiji so the log is distressed and disappointed by the present move of the Government.

People have started to question how our Prime Minister, when the distress of rural India grows so worse can keep pumping money on AYUSH hospitals and is willing to commit more funds for developing AYUSH.

Why the Government is not willing to review the ground truth that it is wasting enormous money on AYUSH and instead such resources can be diverted for the revival of the agricultural sector.

In Mahabharath, Lord Krishna was indeed worshiped by both Pandavas and kauravas in equal measure in the beginning. But it was Gandhari who identified Lord Krishna to be the sole architect of the war and if he wants, the entire Mahabharat war could have been avoided. At the end, Lord Krishna has to reap the curse of Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas.

The day is not far away, people are going to defeat BJP in spite of providing a scam free government because scam free governance is the bare minimum expectation from the Government. When people ask for what are the real reforms Modiji, can the bridge course proposal be shown as a great achievement? Is the gift of hybrid doctors to rural India is the great reform of our health care sector by the Government?

It looks like every move of the Government has some saffron intent. The bridge course proposal for AYUSH vaidyas to become MBBS doctor looks like ill-intended. But the question is how can we play politics in our health care system and afford to harm our country?

All the above questions can be answered not by the Government but by the people of the country. The day is not too long, people will certainly reply to Modiji for the carnage of science and polluting our health care system with faith healing practices.

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S.Ranganathan is a scientist with doctoral degree in medical microbiology. He is an avid reader, thinker, nature & wildlife lover who works tirelessly to make the world free of superstition, caste and God. Besides seeing the wonderment of nature through the lens of biology, also see the management perfection and fundamentals present in every fauna and flora from its origin, adaptation, behaviour and reproduction. An ardent follower of UG Krishnamoorthy’s iconoclastic temperaments and always wants the humanity to free from the burden of past and faith based concepts and practices. Human thoughts associated with archaic-ism and obscurantism is the real enemy of human progression, therefore every one must evolve mentally than bodily is the fundamental philosophy he tries to propagate.