Is Kamal Haasan, Source Of Inspiration or Centre Of Confusion or Fulcrum Of Contradiction or Maestro Of Goal Orientation?

The announcement of actor Kamal Haasan about his political party and its mission to clean up the system free of corruption has indeed received wholehearted appreciation of people from all over India. Certainly no body has any doubt on the intension of Kamal Hassan.

The inaugural speech of Kamal Haasan has received applause from people of the state and indeed he spoke well, narrating his vision and mission.

Was there anything missing in his speech?

Certainly his speech was bounded by confusions and contradictions rather than clarity and boldness. He appeared to play safe and soft with DMK and was vociferous against AIADMK although he did not made any direct reference of any political party in his speech.

The point of contradiction is that he is keep attacking AADMK by justifying that AIADMK is ruling the state. No one, even the child in the womb would say AIADMK will come back to power again in the state. With this present government, AIADMK as a political party may evaporate, disappear and vanish from terra firma. So keep attacking AIADMK, Kamal cannot position himself as a strong alternative or hope to the ailing state.

In all probability and considering the poll and caste arithmetic, DMK may come back to power. Considering the ignominious legacy of DMK, no one can say DMK is better than AIADMK and the need of the hour is a government devoid of AIADMK and DMK. But kamal is quite passive and seem to be adopting willful silence in attacking DMK or calling it equally corrupt.

He must position his mission strongly against the prospective winner in the next assembly election and not against the party that is serving its last political term.

Today the people are quite confused whether Kamal would join hand with DMK. To defeat AIADMK, Kamal need not start a separate political party because all the sitting MLA’s of AIADMK have done enough to defeat the party and its image. They have tarnished the image of Amma who made all these identity-less politicians to win the last assembly election.

Therefore Kamal must focus on dilution and neutralization of the winning possibility of DMK by exposing the party how it has destroyed the state by keep invoking the regional sentiments and nothing else.

Corruption alone as an issue whether would give any cutting edge to Kamal is doubtful. When 6000 to 10,000 rupees is given to people during election, whether people would refuse to accept the money for vote is quite difficult to predict. The present political establishments are quite capable and money rich to even pay 25000 rupee per vote and they also have excellent machinery to execute such appears to be an arduous task. Definitely the people of Tamil Nadu may thank those who introduced the Tirumangalam formula for the first time and later it was perfected by several other political parties.

Fighting the weakest or flexing the muscle towards the weakest should not be the strategy of Kamal but he must start transforming people away from DMK and only then the state can be transformed.

Instead of taking a clear stand and position against DMK, keep saying his colour is not saffron but doesn’t mind it to be read etc., would never make the language of Kamal edible or palatable to the electorates.

Every one wants corruption to end, but the only difference is that people oppose corruption when they have to give bribe but while receiving the bribe, corruption is fine and this has been the philosophy of most in public life. Even many people are also willing to give bribe if their job is done well before their neighbor. So anchoring upon anticorruption slogan alone will not help Kamal to carve his political cutouts in Tamil Nadu.

It is not about what should be done, how he would achieve the end goal of corruption free Tamil Nadu warrants greater clarity. It has been that, through mutual dialogue and discussion, Cauvary water dispute can be settled, Kamal too says the same. It looks like he brings emotion (blood donation issue) rather than the specifics.

It is better he sticks to his political approaches in the beginning than dialoguing about various obvious issues of the state. Definitely he must spell out clearly who are his opponents whether he is going to beat AIADMK which in all probability has gone insignificant or he is going to go aggressive to stop the emergence of DMK which is essential and the first step to achieve corruption free Tamil Nadu.

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