Karnataka Election: Congress Has Chosen Suicide Over Survival With Life-Support System


Karnataka Elections revealed after The decision of Congress party in Karnataka to make HD Kumaraswamy of JDS as the Chief Minister of the state just to stop BJP come to power is the most unwise and ridiculous decision any political party has taken in the history of world politics. By citing the examples of Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya, the grand old party is justifying its act which is nothing but suicide over life on ventilator. Congress has already in ICU ever since the dynasty was made the head of the family establishment and now the verdict of Karnataka has weaken it further and has taken the party close to death.

Karnataka Politics:

BJP has outsmarted congress in Goa but not at the price of self-destruction. Mr. Manohar Parrikar of BJP became the Chief Minister of Goa. The story of Manipur and Meghalaya also is in the same line where the BJP had to strengthen its foot-hold in north-eastern states, therefore, BJP could justify such ploy. But the story of Congress in Karnataka is different. Congress is a very powerful political party in the state.

JDS has an only minuscule presence in the state and is known for its character and credibility. Congress has won 78 seats and JDS has won only 38. A political party that has ruled India for more than 40 years with all India presence, even after winning 78 seats has decided to prostrate before JDS and offering an unconditional support and requesting the JDS to take the post of Chief Minister of Karnataka is not a masterstroke but it is indeed a master blunder.

People of India have never punished BJP for Goa or Manipur or Meghalaya ploy purely due to their hatred for Congress and its dynasty culture. Even today the anger against the party due to its one family culture has not subdued. The clearly the Congress has chosen suicide than life on a ventilator by making JDS the king.

The need of the hour for Congress is to prove its character and credibility as people of India, however, may strongly disagree with certain policies and programmes of BJP and Modiji, but still dislike and hate the dynasty culture of Congress and do not trust the party. Next parliament election is just a year away and the present decision of Congress has indeed added more dirt and filth on its garment and credibility that has helped the party to prove anything worthwhile for it.

BJP has never taken any political decision which is self-destructive or self-defeating. BJP when the formed government in Jammu and Kashmir, it had registered its presence in the state but also was part of the government.

Sidharamaiah made a masterstroke to destroy the party’s prospects by dividing Hindus by offering minority status of Lingayath. Like how Congress dividing Andhra Pradesh and became invisible in the state so was the decision of Sidharamaiah. Congress high command didn’t appear to be too happy with the efforts of Sidharamaiah as the decision of dividing Hindus had not totally killed the Congress in the state so want to do something better to write own epitaph and hence has taken the present decision.
The present generation is well connected through various social networks and would never forgive Congress for such toxic and obnoxious attempt to mock, snigger and giggle people’s mandate and democracy.

Certainly, BJP has lots to celebrate. 2019 election is almost done a deal for BJP as the party has to oppose only the regional parties and not the Congress thanks to the super genius dynast.
If a small adjustment, sacrifice and an agreement with JDS before the election were made, it would have helped the Congress to come to power.

But they were not willing for any such process. But after the election, the party was willing to disrobe itself and fall at the feet of JDS just to stop BJP. People of Karnataka will never forgive and forget such characterless act and shameless feat of Congress. Every Indian also will carry this shameless act of Congress and will certainly vote out the party as how such self-destructive party can offer development and progress to our country.

The politics of Congress in yesteryears will not work in New India which the dynast will learn soon. People are also doubtful whether the dynast would ever learn at all as he is repeating the same funny acts election after election and defeat after defeat of the party.

BJP and Modiji are the clear winners and Congress has done more for the victory of BJP in 2019 than BJP could really do.

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