Union Budget 2018– Reached The Station With Valid Ticket But After Departure Of Train

The union budget – 2018 to the millions of tax payers’ and aam admi looks like the earnest attempt of the government to correct the deadly mistakes it has done to agriculture and rural economy. But it is too late because the train has already left the station and catching it from the next station is also difficult because it is super fast and doesn’t stop in between.

The essence of the budget is like push a person to death and then attempt to save him at the last minute at the expense of others. The budget looks like, it is aimed to maintain the status quo and hypnotize the poor voters in the village so that the slogans like NEW INDIA, Sab ka sath sab ka vikas, Skill India, Make in India, ache din etc., can be kept alive for the next election.

The tax payers in India must hid their fate like a hornbill inside the sealed nest to incubate its eggs waiting for the partner to bring food. Sit helplessly with the help of an undying hope is the new mantra Modiji has gifted to urban middleclass.

Urban people were the main supporters of Modiji and they continued their support since then with the hope that Modiji will do all necessary to lift their life. But disappointingly Modij has added 1% extra cess instead of granting any tax exceptions or appreciations for opting digital payments.

Several private companies in India operate with an annual turnover of 50 crore or less than that; if total corporate tax exemption is given to such small companies it would not only augment industrial growth but also would address the unemployment problems. But instead the corporate tax cap was taken at 250 crore.

The ambitious health insurance coverage of 5 lakh per family for 10 crore families look attractive but how attractive it is going to be for the poor people, yet to be seen. Instead of attempting to improve the health delivery system, the above scheme would encourage privatization and finally the situation may remain unchanged.

Various other allocations to boom the rural economy, agriculture and farm sector have come rather too late and therefore how the rural economy is going to transform due to the present budget looks evanescent.

Majority of the urban voters are disenchanted with Modi rhetoric and in all likelihood Modiji may have poor show with them. Already Modiji has lost rural folk but this budget may hype the hope and heighten their expectation but by the time the last level of transformation occur and the waiting time may make the villager to think the budget is mere rhetoric and tokenism.

In all likelihood Modiji may loose both rural and urban voters. The election results in the state of Rajasthan must be taken as an indicator or the famous saying of Shakespeare “coming events caste their shadow before”.

What seriously missing in the budget of Mr. Arun Jaitely are life, vibrancy, vision, direction, inspiration, energy, hope, desire, aspiration ……..above all, the NEW INDIA and Ache Din are totally missing.

If the corruption free governance cannot be achieve ache din and sab ka sath sab ka vikas means, such slogan cannot gather votes.

The electorates have graduated to the next level and therefore corruption free claim will not cut ice with them because every elected government is duty bound to govern the state free of corruption and scams.

When people look at what they have gained during the 5 years of Modi regime for the endurance, yagna and sacrifice that they have undergone when demonetization was announced, all of them may see empty pockets but still hearing the great rhetoric – NEW INDIA, Sab ka sath ab ka vikas, ache din etc.

It looks like old India is good as Modiji is also invoking only the old Hindu traditions and faith system and claiming them to be great.

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S.Ranganathan is a scientist with doctoral degree in medical microbiology. He is an avid reader, thinker, nature & wildlife lover who works tirelessly to make the world free of superstition, caste and God. Besides seeing the wonderment of nature through the lens of biology, also see the management perfection and fundamentals present in every fauna and flora from its origin, adaptation, behaviour and reproduction. An ardent follower of UG Krishnamoorthy’s iconoclastic temperaments and always wants the humanity to free from the burden of past and faith based concepts and practices. Human thoughts associated with archaic-ism and obscurantism is the real enemy of human progression, therefore every one must evolve mentally than bodily is the fundamental philosophy he tries to propagate.