Congress Counters Allegations Of PM Modi Questions Promotion Of Self Image

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi has labeled the UPA government as ‘scam-ridden,’ Congress alleged that the public funds were being used by the BJP Government to boost the image of PM Modi. Congress party also accused that the Indian embassy at Muscat has sent letters to all the Indian companies in Oman on January 17 to send at least 80% of their blue collared employees to the Prime Minister’s event.

However, Congress party alleged that the embassy has instructed the companies to keep the letter a secret. Congress leader Anand Sharma said that the Government has to explain why the instruments and institutions of the government have been used to glorify the personal image of the Prime Minister and promotion of his propaganda.

Responding to the allegations of PM Narendra Modi on Congress as corrupt and scam-ridden government, Congress leader Ananda Sharma said that it was an unhealthy mindset. He said that it was not a good thing to criticize or blame former governments on international platforms.

He further took a dig at PM Modi saying that India has been a world leader, a major nuclear power, a space leader and a global leader in IT industry even before Narendra Modi has become the Prime minister of the country.

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