Has The Narendra Modi Government Deprived Andhra Pradesh Of Its Dues?

State allocation has always been a debatable topic in the Indian context. The curious case of Andhra Pradesh has evoked the old debate whether the BJP government has done ‘maximum’ for Andhra Pradesh or not.

Although the BJP leaders have time and again claimed that the Narendra Modi government has tried their best in allocating budget for the state, the Andhra Pradesh CM aka TDP Supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu thinks the opposite.

He has categorically instructed partymen to keep the pressure on BJP till the government decides to allocate as per the ‘requirement’. The political stalemate between BJP and TDP has created an unwanted atmosphere in the national arena.

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The whole issue of allocation has come up with the resultant revenue deficit due to the formation of Telangana. The revenue deficit was Rs 7,500 crore but the centre paid only Rs 3,977 crore.

Now, as far as the dues are concerned, the TDP and the NDA governments are in diametrically opposite poles. Although the NDA government has claimed that the due is only Rs 138 crore, the Chandrababu Naidu government has claimed it to be Rs 12,500 crore. The central government doesn’t seem to be in hurry to consider the proposal of TDP government to appoint a committee headed by IAS Officer YV Reddy.

Side by side, the NDA government is yet to give ‘special status’ over ten years to the state and has also didn’t listen to the plea of direct fiscal transfers. The decision to provide a railway zone for Visakhapatnam has also been delayed alongside. The apathy of the central government in setting up a steel plant in the backward Rayalaseema district of Kadapa has also irked the TDP government.

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Same can be said about the Polavaram project where the state has been overburdened with incurring costs and expenditures. The fate of development of necessary infrastructure in seven backward districts of Rayalaseema and North Coastal Andhra is also in huge question.

There are other issues like the construction of a greenfield capital at Amravati or setting up Dugarajapatnam port in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh or petroleum refinery – the NDA government has failed to keep up the legitimate promises made to the new state. No doubt, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has enough reasons to feel deprived of central allocation for the state.

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