Outgoing VP Ansari’s Remarks Get Replay From PM And Others

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has responded to the comments of Former Vice President (VP) Hamid Ansari stating that the Muslims and other minorities are feeling insecurity in the country. While bidding farewell to the outgoing Vice-President Hamid Ansari, PM Modi said that the former VP might be facing some restlessness within himself and stated that he is free to work, think and speak according to his core beliefs from now. PM Modi said that though he didn’t interact much with Hamid Ansari in these three years, he got insights into many issues from him during their foreign visitors or formal encounters.

BJP leader and upcoming Vice President Venkaiah Naidu reacted to the statements of the out going VP and said that a political propaganda. He said that there is a number of Muslims in India than any other Islamic state. He condemned the view that there is a growing intolerance in the country. He said that there is tolerance in India and that is the reason democracy is successful in the country. He reminded that Muslims are safes in India compared to any other nation today.

Another BJP leader criticized the remarks of the former VP and said that it is an insult to the country. He said that Hamid Ansari is damaging the image of the country. He commented that Ansari was in the second highest position in India for 10 years being a minority and that itself is a proof of India’s tolerance. He added that Ansari may have some political agenda and wish to come under a certain political umbrella by making such remarks.

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