Karnataka verdict: Is Majority always the one forming the government?

Karnataka verdict

The results of Karnataka Assembly Elections are out and the election mandate indicates a hung assembly as none of the political parties have reached the magic mark. Among the political parties, the BJP has reached the closest but a deficit of 8 MLAs is making tricky affair in the state.

On the other hand, Congress and JD(S) are looking to go ahead with a coalition government in the state and the Congress is even ready to sacrifice the post of chief minister to Kumaraswamy, who is the son of the former prime minister HD Devegowda.

Now the decision of the Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala is going to be very important. Speculations are going on regarding the possibilities whether the Congress – JD(S) alliance of 116 seats in between can form the government or not.

In case it happens that JD(S) becomes the kingmaker in Karnataka with Kumaraswamy as the chief minister, it won’t be the first time that a party which has won majority seats are not being able to get the numbers.

After all, the coalition dharma of Indian politics is indeed tricky to say the least and horse trading has also become a common affair. In this year only, after Assembly Elections in Meghalaya, Congress topped the list with 21 MLAs but NPP with 19 MLAs formed the government with BJP, who had 2 MLAs and UDP and HSPDP contributing the remaining.

Similar thing happened in Manipur in 2017 when Congress with MLAs 3 short of majority, failed to get the magic mark and BJP with 21 MLAs formed the government with NPP, NPF and LJP MLAs. 5 years back, AAP ruled the Delhi Assembly for 49 days when they formed government with Congress support with 28 MLAs but it was BJP who was the majority with 32 MLAs. The curious case of Goa is also an example what can happen with numbers! In 2017, BJP took the rein with 13 MLAs with MGP, GFP and Independent support when Congress actually became the single largest party with 17 MLAs, falling short of the magic mark.

There is no denying the fact that the next few days are going to be very crucial. Whoever wins the race will need to win the trust vote in the Assembly. Thus it is absolutely clear that the single largest party doesn’t necessarily form the government.

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