Bala Vikasa Community Water Purification Project Model Impacts Lives Of Millions In India


Bala Vikasa a reputed organization in India launched its community water purification project during 2003 to protect the rural poor suffering from Fluoride which is the major cause for dental and skeletal fluorosis in thousands of villages across Telugu states. Bala Vikasa pioneered community water purification projects using a five-stage filtration system which includes sand, carbon, micron, RO and UV treatments. It is the same technology used by all the MNCs in water business in India.


  1. Bala Vikasa pioneered community RO water plants in 2003
  2. 800 projects installed across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra
  3. 20 liters of safe water provided at just Rs.3 through ATW systems
  4. 1.8 million poor have access to safe water from Bala Vikasa ATWs
  5. Provides employment to 800 rural families
  6. 30% less revenue to RMP doctors as community enjoys better health with safe water
  7. BV project helps 800 villages to save Rs. 70 crore per year on purchasing purified water.


Bala Vikasa is providing different capacities such 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 LPH projects depending on the population size in the selected villages. The projects are supported in the villages where fluoride levels are over 2 PPM. The communities are motivated to provide 20% of the project cost in the form of the membership fee. The villagers elect a committee which takes an active role in planning, mobilizing, implementing, monitoring and maintenance of the project. The project responsibility and ownership is transferred to the water committees in the village right from the day one after the inauguration. A local operator is hired by paying Rs. 3000 to 5000 who takes care of day to day operations.

To provide the water all through the day ATW system is introduced using automatic wending machines. By swiping a prepaid smart card the villagers can have access to water any time of the day. This technology revolutionized the safe water supply system in the rural areas.
For effective maintenance and sustainability of the BV supported project a state level Bala Vikasa water plants federation is promoted. The Presidents of all the water plants become a member of this federation by paying the fixed AMC. The federation supplies spare at economic cost and also provides maintenance services at a very economical cost.

Indian Institute of Corporate affairs selected Bala Vikasa model during 2014 as one of the best models for CSR initiatives across the country. Many NGOs, government, corporate and NRIs are adopting BV project model and promoting the same in thousands of villages.
The executive Director Mr. Shoury Reddy said that they are celebrating the launch of the 800th plant in December 2018 probably in Siricilla district with Minister KTR as Chief guest. Many corporate companies such as Franklin Templeton, Cholamandalam, Aurobindo Pharma are supporting BV projects in a big way. Bala Vikasa will soon initiate similar projects to Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

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