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CEO Vikas Gupta and Luxury are both synonymous. Founder of Three Sixty – that manufactures luxury leather items for the home and office, he conceived the idea after his return from the USA completing his higher education. Inspired by the patriotic zeal he gave Indian hues to the luxury item in design and artistry.

What prompted him to take the luxury leather products to manufacture he said,” On my return to India after completing my education in the USA, I found a niche in the market. People here in India really aspire to own luxury items but the due to vendor and manufacturers’ motives they were deprived of their due. Sensing the customers’ needs to create a seamless blend of luxury and affordability, I came with Three Sixty designs premium leather home and lifestyle products.”

The customers took the new luxury products with love and affection. It was an instant hit in the market. From delectable seating options to eye-catching leather clad bars, all Three Sixty creations are a work of beauty, grace, and elegance.

“It is a truly Indian brand. Rather than importing staid, cumbersome items and paying hefty transit prices, we nurture and support local craftsmen, helping our proud design traditions take center stage. Our artisans work tirelessly to give you a product that you can proudly call your own. But our products don’t come with hefty and unfounded price tags. It is quite affordable for luxury-loving customers,” added Vikas.

He started his venture with few lakhs rupees as seed capital today his company has a tour over of 100 cores. Three Sixty brings exclusive leather pieces that are unique, durable and a testimony to the joy of The Leather Life.

Right now Vikas Gupta has six stores in different cities in North Indian under the label of Three Sixty Degree. “We are looking to open ten stores by next financial year. We are also seeking suitable partnerships in different cities, so there would be a healthy mix of company-owned and franchised stores. Besides that, we are also to open few more stores at premium locations of Delhi NCR besides out flagship store in MG road in Delhi Gurgaon, informed Vikas.

He is a serial entrepreneur. After the success of Thirty-Six Degree creation, he started his other business venture Opera wine with Italian collaboration. This time was also an instant hit in the market.

A resident of DLF-4 Gurgaon, Vikas is also foody. He likes to golf and swimming. he also loves to travel to different countries around the world but Goa and Italy are his favorite destinations for holidaying.

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