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▷ Patrick Müller is the new chef of Club “X” – News – 2023

▷ Patrick Müller is the new chef of Club “X” – News – 2023

became known Patrick Mueller In the TV show “Silent Cooking” he was the face of it for several years. In that time, he played the silent chef in 72 episodes, and now he’s taking on a similarly mysterious role. Mueller is the new chef Club “X”which can only be accessed by member guests or their friends.

“Cucina Povera and fine dining”

Patrick Müller sees parallels to his television career: “I can develop freely here, with great voices and culinary prowess, without loud comments.” He does not want to fully commit to his culinary line, and therefore relies on “the fusion of Cucina Povera and fine dining.” Concretely, this means for members that they can… Italian and international dishes May be specified. The table includes steamed shrimp with lemon and sea salt, steak chops, and whole celery with truffle butter and lemon. Risotto Milanese and linguine with sage should provide the promised Italo vibes.

Owner Martin Ho, who is active in Austrian and international gastronomy with the DOTS Group, is now happy to manage the cooking of his own members club: “Having Patrick Müller at ‘Club X’ is the beginning of a new era in cooking.”

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