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▷ The first photos of the Hoxton Hotel Vienna – News – 2024

▷ The first photos of the Hoxton Hotel Vienna – News – 2024

Interview with prepared masterminds

Another attraction is sure to be the elegant lobby with aesthetics Retro design In addition to the Bistro Bouvier restaurant, which the two run Restaurant owners in the New York scene Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske Valtierra of Wildair Restaurant.

Gault&Millau asked two catering professionals for an interview:

Gault & Milo: What particular challenge did you face when creating the gastronomic concept for “Bouvier”?

Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Huske Valterra: It was interesting to work in a city so far from the sea. In New York we are used to working closely with seafood suppliers. It was all a shift in focus when it came to coming up with new ideas that would appeal to people.

What local products from Vienna and the surrounding area do you find interesting enough to include on the list?

We loved the cheese, pickles and vinegar. We were also happy to see how easy it was to obtain certain types of meat.

What are the current food trends from New York that should not be missed in Vienna?

New York's latest trend is definitely bringing back old-fashioned classic dishes and simple ideas.

As in Vienna, many different cultures and cuisines come together in New York. What dish means “best combination” to you?

Bouvier's Chicken Caesar Schnitzel combines classic Austrian cuisine with New York favorites, creating a modern twist on the traditional dish that combines the best of both places.

What Wildair dish will also be on the menu in Vienna?

We'll have a filet, which we also often serve at Wildair.

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Natural wine is very popular right now. In addition to the current high demand, did sustainability play a role in the decision?

Working without pesticides is often attractive to people who choose to work with healthier and cleaner agricultural methods.