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1 chair, 50 animations – “Manga Chairs”

1 chair, 50 animations – “Manga Chairs”

From the Japanese design studio Nendo I've had quite a few creations here on the blog over the years. Starting with the American paper clip in 2011, then on to tubes of chocolate paint, entertaining office supplies and simple cuckoo clocks. For once, “50 Manga Chairs” isn't about physical items you can buy, but rather an animated item you can look at. The seemingly blurry painted chair changes 50 times over the course of the animated video.

50 Manga Chairs are the result of adapting the strong symbolic nature of manga comics to furniture design.
Manga consists of a series of frames on a single sheet of paper that create a sequence. Likewise, 50 standard chairs are arranged in a grid, each evoking a sense of the story, and each containing a design element from the manga. For example, a “speech bubble” or “impact line” is added to visualize sound or action. Or emotional symbols from manga, such as “sweat” or “tears”, are formed so that the story and character can be felt.

Manga is a means of expression with a high degree of flatness and abstraction, and it is made up of a series of lines. We can say that manga comics are deeply rooted in Japanese culture, as they can be traced back to ukiyoi prints developed during the Edo period (1603-1868 AD).

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