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1. FC Köln faces UEFA penalty: Consequences 'yet unforeseen'

1. FC Köln faces UEFA penalty: Consequences ‘yet unforeseen’

After a terrible riot in the OGC Nice match, 1. FC Cologne is threatened with penalty kicks by UEFA. This was “pure speculation,” Christian Keeler, managing director, said Thursday night, after his team won 1-1 (1-0) in the conference league so far.

He was quoted as saying that the rioters not only “more or less destroyed the experience of many thousands”, but also “had consequences that we cannot yet foresee”. expression 43 years old.

It must have been more difficult because 1 FC Köln fans did not make a negative first impression. In the last European Cup season 2017/2018, UEFA had to respond to some fans’ misconduct at away matches in London and Belgrade.

Already in the 1985/86 season, when FC reached the UEFA Cup final against Real Madrid, there was a suspension of the match at home due to riots in the second leg of the semi-final in KSV Waregem / Belgium, so that the Rhinelanders team lost the second match. The first leg match against the royal family (1:5 and 2:0) must take place at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

“I know we’re on watch, of course it’s the same if you were once clear, it’s easier to see what you did than if you were never clear,” Keeler said.

1. FC Cologne: PSG fans are also among the troublemakers

There were violent quarrels in the stands of the stadium in Nice, loudly France Press agency It is clear that the rioters in Cologne instigated this. However, the information is sometimes contradictory.

Nice fans are said to have already attacked in front of the stadium, and fans of OGC’s arch-rival Paris Saint-Germain are said to have mixed with Cologne residents and played an active role.

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Keeler asked for time to process the “sound data” which was difficult at first. But there is no doubt that the people of Cologne led the violent clashes forward. FC President Werner Wolf spoke of “disgusting events on both sides.