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10 billion stolen passwords discovered

10 billion stolen passwords discovered

A file has appeared on a popular hacker forum that contains about 10 billion passwords stolen Includes. It is probably one of The largest of these groups is known. found on the internet.

The file was published with the file name. rockyou2024.txt In the July 4It contains exactly. 9,948,575,739 unique passwords In plain text. “Christmas is coming earlier this year,” an unknown user wrote when the group was posted.

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Old set as a basis

However, the assembly is not entirely new. It is based on leakage. 2021 On. The file that appeared at that time was named RockYou2021.txt Contains a tour 8.5 billion passwordsThis number has been increased in the new leak by about 1.5 billion Increase. Futurezone reported the leak in 2021.

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Screenshot of the forum post where the file was posted.

New passwords come from “Various databases that have been leaked in recent years“The forum post says about the new post. Name”Rocio“Itself relies on older data leaks. 2009 Behind. At that time there were more than 32 million passwords They are collected and published in a text document.

The links in the original post were dead on Saturday morning, but it's safe to assume the file is now there. Several other places on the Internet It can be found.

Never use the same password more than once.

For users, the leak should serve as a reminder of that. Never use multiple passwords. To use. Each service you sign up for should come with one. Unique password At best with Two-factor authentication They are covered if provided. Password managers help organize different passwords.

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