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13,500 participants in Wings for Life

13,500 participants in Wings for Life


“Running for those who can’t” is the motto of the 10th Race of Wings for Life in Vienna. 13,500 runners compete against the “catcher car”. Last year, 4.7 million euros were raised worldwide for spinal cord research.

It’s time again – racers from all over the world are racing. In Vienna, the starting signal for 13,500 participants at 1:00 pm in the Town Hall. It involves running, rolling, or even walking. A good goal is the goal. 100 percent of admission fee proceeds and donations flow to spinal cord research. The foundation’s goal is to treat paraplegia.

At the same time, the race itself begins in six other cities around the world. In London, for example, the start was an hour earlier. But there’s also the ability to race via an app for a starting fee – all over the world. Here, too, it is important to pay attention to the time, because individual participants also start at the same time.

Wings for Life World Run

Last year, many local sports stars wore their running shoes for good reason

Racing against the “catcher car”

Unlike other running, you do not complete a predetermined distance. Participants run until the “thrown car” catches up with them. The “dumped car” becomes the moving finish line. The race is over as soon as it is overtaken.

The car starts half an hour after its start and increases its speed every 30 minutes. Even for top runners, the “Catcher Car” eventually becomes an invincible opponent.

Together through Vienna

Together, the contestants move from the start at the town hall from the ring road through town and back to the start. From Franz-Josefs-Kai it goes through Weißgerberlände to Prater Hauptallee and for the first runners to the finish at Tulln in Lower Austria. The Traffic Department of Radio Vienna recommends avoiding the jogging path and using the underground lines instead.

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