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15 Matrix Errors That Prove We All Live in a Simulation

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to: Michelle Ansket


Take a look at these pictures!

If I’m wrong, you can explain to me…

1. …why does someone here seem to have set a tree-height limit in the settings.

2. …where did these chairs come from if they didn’t end up here accidentally through a glitch.

3. …why did a plane suddenly take an exaggeratedly sharp turn like in a video game.

4. … is where the rest of the pixels in this image are.

5. …why does the sky look like it’s not fully loaded yet.

6. …and this building, too.

7. …why were wrong colors installed on this tiger.

8. …why do you suddenly see a cloud of eggs there.

9. …and why this cloud was simply copied.

10. Please explain why the decorations are not finished uploading yet.

11. Or why so many different decorations were installed here at once.

12. Is there an explanation for why this man met his exact lookalike in the pool?

13. Or how these guys can all look copied and pasted.

14. Has anyone here rejected the image quality of the shadows?

15. How can this tree grow above writing and below color?!

And if you need more proof, here’s more 19 Totally Unnoticeable Matrix Disorders.

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