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17 reports, 2 arrests – more than 1,500 participants in the protest march in Gmund

17 reports, 2 arrests – more than 1,500 participants in the protest march in Gmund

If the organizers spoke of “nearly 2,000” participants, the district administration and police registered about 1,600 participants on their counts to the march at Schubertplatz in Gmünd-Neustadt and 800 people followed the march into the former maiden factory and overturning past Jesu Church in the direction of the train station, Via the “shopping mile” and back via Weitraer Strasse to Schubertplatz.
The topics of the speakers at the rally, including FPÖ MP Reinhard Teofel, are well-known: the actions of the federal government and the ÖVP in Lower Austria in the fight against the epidemic were criticized until the declared mandatory vaccination. Lies spread and promises perjured Satan.

The police chief is generally very satisfied with the operation and discipline

Mostly peaceful, but loudly – chanting “peace, freedom, no dictatorship”, “resistance” or “we the people” – the participants finally, often wearing protective masks, marched into the streets. They were accompanied by a team of organizers and a number of experimental forces. The credit for District Police Chief Wilfred Brooks, who assigned about 35 police officers to the two-and-a-half-hour event, was very positive in terms of operation and discipline. In total, there are still 17 reports and two arrests, one for aggressive behavior, and the rest for violating the obligation to wear a mask. “With so many people just wanting to know more about it. The police were on purpose de-escalation, but at one point they just had to take action,” Brooks said. The arrests were again resolved after proof of identity.

Sunday: a silent march as a sign of solidarity

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The pandemic will also bring people together in Gmund on December 19 from 4.30pm. In front of the government clinic, a silent candlelight march is scheduled for a maximum of one hour. The aim of the organizers here is to give a signal of solidarity with the health workers. At 5 p.m., he remembers the Covid dead in a minute of silence. Sermons or any other program is not planned.