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20% discount on “Kärnten Läuft” competitions on Sunday, August 25th

20% discount on “Kärnten Läuft” competitions on Sunday, August 25th

Fun running on Lake Wörthersee

Also this year, Kärnten Läuft once again attracts people to the turquoise-blue Wörthersee, and for the 23rd time, the organizing team is focusing on combining the best sporting achievements with a running holiday and a family experience.

With a total of ten competitions for children and adults, “Kärnten Läuft” once again offers top-class running fun. At the beginning of the “Kärnten Läuft” weekend, the Wiener Städtische Night Run is a very entertaining competition on the programme.


Club members receive a 20% discount on “Kärnten Läuft” competitions on Sunday 25 August. The discount applies to all Kleine Zeitung Club members and can be redeemed on the Kärnten Läuft website. When purchasing the starting place via Carentine Laufen website Enter your individual Kleine Zeitung club number and the discount will be redeemed.

Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG is free to choose the services included in the Kleine Zeitung Club and can change or discontinue them at any time. Kleine Zeitung Club and the offers/services included in Kleine Zeitung Club are all voluntary add-on services that are not included in your subscription fee.

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