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23 dead despite the ceasefire in Afghanistan

Despite the three-day ceasefire, at least 23 people were killed during the Eid holiday in Afghanistan. Most of them were killed in bombings in different parts of the country, according to information from local authorities and the media on Saturday, the last of the Eid holiday. At least 40 other people have been injured since Thursday.

The hard-line Islamic Taliban announced a three-day ceasefire at the end of Ramadan. Initially, no one claimed responsibility for an attack on a mosque north of the capital, Kabul, that left at least 12 people dead. A number of people were also killed in mine explosions in the provinces of Kunduz and Kandahar during the holidays, according to local officials and ToloNews TV, quoting the police.

Although no one initially acknowledged these actions, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry accused the Taliban of violating the ceasefire. They launched attacks against the Afghan population and security forces in several provinces of the country.

The last time there was heavy fighting in Afghanistan. With the start of the official withdrawal of US and NATO forces on May 1, the Taliban launched attacks in several provinces. The security forces tried to repel these attacks, and in some cases succeeded. However, two regions fell into the hands of the Islamists. Both sides said that they inflicted heavy losses on their opponents in the recent battles.