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27 planes: Taiwan: Chinese nuclear bombers approach the island

27 planes: Taiwan: Chinese nuclear bombers approach the island

A total of 27 aircraft
Taiwan: Chinese nuclear bombers approach the island

Tensions between China and Taiwan have increased recently. Taipei has now reported that 27 Chinese aircraft have infiltrated its air defense zone. According to the information, this also includes bombers capable of making nuclear weapons.

According to Taiwan, 27 Chinese aircraft have breached the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the island nation. As announced by the Ministry of Defense in Taipei, the planes also included five nuclear-capable H-6 bombers. An air defense zone is not identical to a country’s airspace.

Tensions between the two countries have risen in recent months. Taiwan has been complaining about Chinese air force operations near the island for more than a year. From a Taiwanese point of view, China wants to test Taiwan’s willingness to work through its work and the fatigue of its armed forces.

Beijing considers democratic Taiwan, which withdrew from the island in 1949, a breakaway province rather than an independent country. In addition, the People’s Republic of China rejects any form of official relations between other countries and the island republic.

Only on Friday did the Chinese army conduct military exercises near the Taiwan Strait. A Chinese military spokesman said it was a combat readiness exercise for the navy and air force. The maneuver took place the day after American representatives arrived in Taiwan. By visiting the US representatives wanted to express their solidarity with the Taiwanese authorities. Taiwan is one of the biggest issues of conflict between China and the United States.

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