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29 killed in a fire in a nightclub in Istanbul

29 killed in a fire in a nightclub in Istanbul

The fire broke out in the basement of a 16-storey residential building. This area is used as a nightclub and repair work is currently being carried out there.

At least 29 people died in a fire at a nightclub in Istanbul. The Istanbul Governor's Office announced on Tuesday that a person was being treated in hospital for serious injuries. The cause is currently still under investigation.

Repair work at a nightclub under a 16-storey residential building

The fire reportedly broke out around midday in the lower two floors of a 16-storey apartment building, which was being used by the Masquerade nightclub. The photos showed a charred wall of a house. It was not initially clear how the fire broke out. However, the governor's office wrote that work in the club rooms could have been the cause.

It was also not clear who the dead were. The Umut Sen union wrote about the killing of “workers” and an explosion, without citing any sources.

The Public Prosecution opened an investigation into the causes of the fire. According to the official Anatolia news agency, six people were arrested on Tuesday afternoon. This should include the club manager and the person responsible for the construction work.

The building and nightclub are located in the European Besiktas district of Istanbul. Police and firefighters cordoned off the area. (Abba)

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