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3 A random password is better than a complex string

3 A random password is better than a complex string

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It is much better passwords the end Three random words put together, Instead of complex variations of letters, numbers and symbols To create, the British are advised National Security Center (NCSC) Internet users.

These passwords are not only easier to remember, but Three word system. It may also produce unusual character combinations and thus provide adequate protection against cybercriminals, According to a blog by the authority on Friday.

Complex strings are ‘predictable’

In contrast, can More complex passwords be ineffective, such as configured by attackers with special program It can be guessed. So be something like this Replace the letter O with 0 or that Replace the number 1 with an exclamation point predictable strategies Easily recognized You write the Cyber ​​Security Authority.

Patterns like these and similar patterns have already found their way into hacking programs for attackers The extra security has been revoked. Passwords with complex character strings have been recommended by many experts, but the irony is that this now leads to the generation of more predictable passwords. The Guardian newspaper quoted security experts. Cybercriminals’ algorithms will have to struggle a lot more with the letter combinations generated by the “three word system”.

It is recommended to use a password manager

Of course, it is also possible to use three random words Not one hundred percent sure. However, the big advantage of the system is ease of use. These passwords are strong and easy to remember, say experts, who also advise Use a password manager.

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