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3 effective exercises for beginners

3 effective exercises for beginners

Exercising in the water, such as swimming, snorkeling or aqua fitness, is not only fun, but also provides many health-promoting benefits: it burns calories, strengthens muscles, ensures a healthy cardiovascular system and a more balanced mental health.

The big advantage: Floating in the water helps reduce stress on the joints. Thus the effects of the movements are milder. Therefore, water sports are ideal for people who are recovering from an injury, are overweight, or want to start exercising.

Especially if you want to lose weight, water gymnastics is an excellent and very effective training option. The higher water resistance puts more stress on the muscles and burns more calories in less time. Depending on the intensity, it can be up to 400 calories per hour. With the extra weights you can achieve more.

In addition, she trains you at the same time

  • power
  • to bear
  • and flexibility.

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Video: How to swim gracefully in the outdoor pool

In the video we show you how to make your swimming training especially effective.

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