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3 new gaming headphones are coming

Sony may launch a new gaming headset brand soon, as reported by “OnLeaks” via These new peripherals won’t be PlayStation branded like the PlayStation 5’s marketed Pulse headset with 3D sound, but they will make a new brand called “INZONE” — if the leak is indeed true.

Leak shows images of three new headphones Pulse . White Color Chart And PS5 to follow.

What new gaming headphones should Sony have?

The “H3” model is wired and has a USB-C port and volume control, and there’s also a “NC/AMB” button, indicating that it might have noise cancellation and possibly an ambient noise mode.

The “H7” and “H9” are both wireless and can be connected via Bluetooth, but they also include a USB connection.

All three models will Based on reports 360 degree spatial sound Support, while H9 has the highest level of models Noise canceling will contain.

What platforms do you want your INZONE gaming headset to support?

There are currently no details on what platforms these new Sony headphones will support. It can be assumed – as with Sony’s Pulse headset – PS5 and PC. It’s possible that the INZONE hardware will be similar, but we won’t know the details until the official confirmation.

New Sony gaming monitors are also scheduled to be released soon

like insiders Tom Henderson (Across source), IZONE gaming headset aims to become a series of gaming devices. This Sony brand gaming monitors will be available soon. There are said to be two different gaming monitors coming soon, one with 4K resolution and a 144Hz screen and one with 240Hz and 1080p. There are no rumors about screen sizes yet, but both screens are said to support HDR, variable refresh rates, and other gaming features. PS5 gamers who love to play on screens will probably be happy if the rumors are indeed confirmed.

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There are currently no prices for the Sony INZONE gaming headset. According to Henderson, Sony will introduce the product as early as next week.