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3 sentences you use to hurt others unintentionally

3 sentences you use to hurt others unintentionally

Words often have more power than we realize.

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Even if we do that Doesn’t mean badcome some Witnessed It’s okay with other people Negation It can affect them in the long run. Especially with those Three common sentences We have to be careful.

Usually anyone who says a similar sentence wants to show their counterpart that they don’t need to worry too much and that he/she does To rest. Unfortunately, that’s the thing Wrong Way. Because with the other person, who probably did all the courage to to talk about their problemsReaches: “Your feelings, thoughts, and fears are unimportant. I don’t take them seriously.” Instead, listen to why he feels this way and try to work with him/her to find a solutionEven if you can’t fully understand sadness.

Most of the time, this is a slip of ours generalizations As a “joke” or in discussion: “You are always so sensitive.” , “Don’t you ever listen?” Even if it’s not overtly serious, it feels to your conversation partner as if it was you/her disregard And tell him that he/she Not good As he/she is – and just as always. We should use generalizations like ‘never’ or ‘always’. delete from our vocabulary. And if you want to address such issues, Just ask aroundwhy the other person behaves as he did in a situation or how he feels about it.

It is not uncommon to meet other people at once Disagree he is. However, you can work the way you say it. Instead of an idea, statement, or even feeling from your peer directly To block, reply or misrepresent the facts: Enquiry But first, how does he arrive at this statement? You may not really agree. And if you do, state your point of view comprehensive Dar, but respect Also that there could be other facts that are not It was described as “nonsense”. You need to become.

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