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3 signs that you are in a quarter-life crisis!

3 signs that you are in a quarter-life crisis!

Life crisis in mid/late twenties? These signs indicate a quarterly life crisis!

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Do you feel like you are stuck in an identity crisis? If you feel overwhelmed by it all and want to drastically change your entire life, you may be going through a quarterly crisis. What are the signs and what to do about it.

Some people approaching their late twenties suddenly feel they want or need to be someone else or make drastic changes in their lifestyle. A quarter-life crisis is a small precursor to a midlife crisis, except that, as the name suggests, it usually occurs after the first quarter of life (ie, the twenty-fifth year of life). To find out if you are really in such a crisis or maybe just the current conditions of the world are causing these feelings, we offer some clues. If the first three are applied, you are likely going through a quarter-life crisis.

  1. You feel trapped or excluded

  2. You think too much and reconsider your career or relationship status

  3. You’re afraid of getting lost if you don’t change something right now

Other signs could be:

  • You regularly experience mood swings that you can’t pinpoint to a single trigger

  • You have fears about the future or even panic attacks

  • You feel lonely and misunderstood by those around you

  • It seems that what you have achieved so far is meaningless

Quarter-life crisis is usually caused by so many changes in the mid-twenties. Many people feel pressured to achieve a lot at the moment or to achieve certain goals in their lives. Self-doubt and fear of making a wrong decision during this time do the rest.

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The good news: A quarter life crisis doesn’t last forever, and you can get past it with these tips.

  • Talk to someone about these feelings.

  • Accept the crisis and see it as an opportunity to develop and know what you want

  • Take your time and listen to your gut feeling

  • Don’t make hasty decisions

  • Lower your expectations for yourself

  • Reduce stress by exercising, meditating, or keeping a gratitude journal

  • Make your desires a priority

  • Don’t compare yourself to others

  • Seek professional help if you feel stuck.

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