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3 tricks to make wigs look real

3 tricks to make wigs look real

Wigs have many advantages: for example, you can have different features Colors, patterns and cuts Try it without damaging your hair. And according to the motto: Today I am a blonde, tomorrow a brunette, and next week with a short haircut. On the other hand, some women are affected by hair loss. For them, wigs can be even more important. Because: a bald head can cause great suffering in sufferers. Then she often resorts to wigs to regain lost self-confidence. Many people feel more comfortable using a fake hair piece – especially when they are around people.

These could be the reasons behind hair loss in women

Various factors can cause or promote hair loss. These include:

  • genetic dispositions, such as so-called “androgenetic alopecia”
  • Psychological factors such as stress or heavy loads
  • hormonal imbalance
  • Diseases as a cause of hair loss and infections
  • Side effects of various medicines, for example against epilepsy and rheumatism – or chemotherapeutic agents

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Hair Loss: 3 Tricks To Make Your Wig Look Real

1. Hide the hairline

The transfer of the wig to your scalp is often the deciding factor that gives it away. Accordingly, it is important to hide the hairline and go well. This can be done with makeup, for example. If your hair is still sticking out from under the wig, you can pluck it carefully with tweezers.

2. Style the wig with an iron or flat iron

If you choose a long hair wig, you can adjust the lengths with a hair styling tool. This gives the hairstyle dynamics and prevents the synthetic hair from hanging flat. A braided hairstyle can also ensure a natural look with a wig.

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3. Use of accessories

If you still don’t feel comfortable with a wig – or just fancy hair accessories – you can incorporate hairbands, barrettes, scarves or hats into your look. A cap or cap in particular covers the roots completely and can give you extra security when wearing a wig.