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300 tickets have expired, and free sales have begun

300 tickets have expired, and free sales have begun

Purple Ball tickets are available online at and in the Generali Arena Fan Shop, and individual seats or entire tables can be reserved for groups of 4, 8 or 12 people. If you’re really looking for a special Christmas gift, the die-hard Austrian is sure to be very happy with this ball card.

Regardless of whether with a regular ball ticket in the ballroom, in the Garden Café, in the Parkring Restaurant or in a special box – at the Violet Ball presented by ERGE Installations, you can enjoy a magical and relaxing night in the violet family circle where an entertaining supporting program is presented and requested. Dance. Our Austria certainly won’t be neglected either. Musically the band will’SmashingSet the tone. For party guests, a DJ will be playing at the Marriott Champions Bar until 4:00 AM.

Finance Director Harald Zajeczyk: “With the Violet Ball at the Marriott Hotel, we are reviving an old tradition that caused great enthusiasm in 2008 and 2009. With this club ball, we would like to offer every Austrian the opportunity to spend a relaxing evening in the best violet company. Here “our fans and partners can experience Austrian players and legends up close.” . Our team will organize a wonderful event with the Marriott Hotel.”

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