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35% increase in customers in Vienna's social markets

35% increase in customers in Vienna’s social markets

(c) Samaritan Association/B. Breitegger: The Samaritan Association is looking for volunteers for its social markets.

The inflation wave Draw wide circles. Since the beginning of the year, the Society of Samaritans has had a further one-third of customers in the city’s five luxury markets. There are currently 20,000 trying to survive. The social markets are located in Gellertgasse (10th district), Böckhgasse (12), Pillergasse (15), Frömmlgasse (21) and in Donau Zentrum (22).

Turn every penny over

In addition to cheaper groceries, there is also greater demand for social counseling in the markets. “People who come to me often don’t know how to cope financially with their daily lives,” says social counselor Eni Nyaguli. “I see more and more people picking up the free groceries left after hours. On the other hand, other customers are looking closely at the prices and thinking for a long time whether they can buy and what.”

Volunteers wanted

This is how it will continue: “The big rush leads not only to shortages of basic staples, but also to the search for volunteers to deal with the rush of customers,” says Managing Director Oliver Lohlin. We welcome new volunteers with open arms.

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