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3D hologram: Google opens telepresence service to partners

Google technology Project Starline acts as a magic window, allowing users to talk, gesture and make eye contact with another person in life size and 3D. Google is enabling the video conferencing system of the future with major advances in machine learning, computer vision, spatial audio and optical field display systems.

3D Presence: Google presents the video conference of the future

Today, Project Starline prototypes are located in Google offices across the United States, and employees use the technology every day to meet, set up employees, and communicate with colleagues. The testing process shows that Project Starline can increase user presence, interest, and productivity compared to traditional video conferencing solutions. In beta testing, Google employees praise natural interaction and how well they feel connected to their peers.

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In addition to Google employees, the search engine group has now invited more than 100 partner companies from the media, healthcare and retail sectors to participate in demos at Google offices to provide feedback on experiences and applications in their companies.

Google works with device manufacturers to make complex digital signage and video technology affordable and accessible in the future and to reduce the necessary data rate.

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