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3D printed mechanical filament respirator

3D printed mechanical filament respirator

Bryan Vines made an interesting 3D printed model of a 3D printed cooler for the BV3D YouTube channel.

Most of them will never get acquainted with this problem, but you may have already lost one or another clue on this topic: is there not an easier way to thread a line of thread several hundred meters long into a spool? Unfortunately, the answer was no for a long time, so you had to do it manually and spend 30 to 60 minutes on it. However, Miklos Kiszely provided an interesting model to simplify this.

The basic structure consists of everything you can actually imagine. A spool holder, filament line guide, and winding gears make up the setup, but what appears simple is actually much more complex. Not only did the gears have to move the spool until the line was completely over, they also had to wind it evenly in a horizontal plane, which doesn’t get too difficult with increasing height.

For this purpose, Kiszely thought of installing an advanced mechanism consisting of a segmental gear with racks on either side. Alternately, the toothed racks engage the gear and move the steerer tube in such a way as to make opening possible.

Of course, these machines already exist in one form or another, but the simple and elegant solution that Miklos Kiszely found here testifies not only to creative spirit, but also to real engineering skills.

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